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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Praise God!

After my meeting with one of the churchs, I decided to go check my mail. Afterwards, I felt compelled to drive by our old house to check the mail. I notice a piece of paper hanging on the door, so I went up to get it. To my amazement, it was a subpoena for a court case where I am the victim. Last year my Jeep was stolen and 2 months afterwards it was found, but the rebellious teen 'dogged' the engine so badly, that the Jeep no longer works. We went to a court hearing in Feb., but Tim didn't show. I hunted everywhere for him, with no luck.

The new subpoena had a court date for April 26th on it so I called the Commonwealth Attorney's office and they said he was in custody. Then I called the jail, just to double-check and sure enough he is there. He was captured March 26th with no bail. Now he will be forced to pay restitution for all the damages to the Jeep, including a new engine. We have been paying on a loan for this Jeep, the insurance and taxes, even though we haven't been able to drive it for months. Praise God!


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