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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Facts Of Life

I was excitingly waiting for Thursday, the 17th, even though I knew our schedule would be hectic. It was Salvation Army’s Annual Meeting. Tickets were $40.00 a person and even though we didn’t have the money, God knew how much I wanted to go. The week before, Captain Shannon had one of the staff members call us and I my heart was flipping when she said, “The Captain wanted you to know there will be 2 complimentary tickets there for you.” Yippy! So what was so awesome about this? Lisa Whelchel was their guest speaker. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she played Blair on The Facts of Life show.

We were running a few minutes late when we pulled up to the Hospitality House. I rushed upstairs to the meeting area while Geoff parked the car. Linda and Rosemary motioned for me to join them at their table and shortly after Geoff joined us. After a short powerpoint presentation (which I have to say Cpt. Shannon is really good with this program,) lunch was served. Wow, this was a huge production! Lunch was incredible. Geoff and another man at our table had 2 plates. Then the awards were presented. One of the awards, I started tearing up because it was a well-deserved person to receive it.

Then it was time. There on the stage stood Blair…I mean Lisa. Wow, she is so laid back and down to earth when she speaks. It was just like listening to a friend talking to ya. Plus, she is really funny. Now, you have to understand this was the one show I never missed each week. And, I actually liked her character the best, even as snobby as her character was. In many ways I could relate to her. But, most importantly, I loved it when the writers finally gave her a soft, kind heart and Blair realized what the facts of life truly were. I sat on the edge of my seat as I listened to Lisa talking about her career in the past, her faith with God, her family and her new career. Actually, she has a cool website for all you mommies out there www.lisawhelchel.com .

The meeting was over and we had to hurry back because our Jeep was being towed in from Newport News. But, I patiently waited to at least say hi to Lisa and give her one of our business packages about our ministry. I gave a brief summary of what we do and she was kind enough to accept the package. Then we hurried back to the motel, waiting for our Jeep to show.

Ugh, our Jeep is so messed up! It now needs a new engine. There are metal shavings in the oil. Tim, when he stole it last year, dogged it. So now we have a vehicle we have to pay for, that we can’t drive and need a new engine. But God will find a way. I just pray they end up catching Tim so he can start paying restitution. For now, the Jeep is used for storage.

Yet, it was a great day! You take the good, you take the bad, you take ‘em both and then you have the facts of life….the facts of life!


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