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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Thanks Rick!

Sometimes, when staying in a motel, minutes turn into hours and suddenly a day has become a week, so I have found. I hadn't even realized it has been almost a month since I have blogged, until I received an email from a mission friend asking if anything was wrong and even though he is 2000 miles away, he could pray for us. Although I was sick for about a week with this flu everyone here in Williamsburg is getting, I have just been busy. Busy in prayer about buying a motel, which needs to happen before April or it won't be on the market again until after tourist season, busy with speaking engagements, busy trying to get ready for the first Unified Services meeting, and busy with people who are in a transitional or homeless situation.

The latter of these has been the hardest. The whole week I was sick, all I wanted was to sleep, but each time I would start to drift off 2 of the women would be knocking at the door. For almost a week, all I heard was "She did this to me" or "She said that to me". Ugh! Is this the punishment for all the people I drove crazy as a teen and young adult? Finally I said "You two are older than I am by years. These petty arguments are just that, PETTY! Why not be more concerned about your living situation than the fact the two of you are acting like junior high girls?!" I mean, sorry, but get real. The fact that one can't stand to hear the other doing her work on her computer at night and the clicking of the keyboard keeps her awake or the other complaining about the other having to spend an hour getting ready for work is insane. My solution and/or questions to them "Put a towel over your eyes at night and cotten in your ears (as I handed a pack of cotten to her)" and to the other "If she isn't tying up the bathroom and you don't have to use it, who cares how long it takes her?" Sure both can be annoying situations, but there are bigger problems in life.

Unified Services is a co-ordination that we are trying to get off the ground. Our first meeting is March 15th. It's goal is to unify the different services, organizations, agencies and concerned citizens as a group to create a larger 'net' to catch people before or as they fall through the cracks here in Greater Williamsburg. Also, to bridge the gap between those who offer help and those who are in need, in order to assess an easier solution to a small but growing problem in our area. Thus far, we have over 40 RSVP's from people who want to come and check it out.

The motel, I don't talk much about because the business plan is in the making and I don't want people fighting me once again. It was a wise choice and agreement of a 'legal solution' that I discussed with zoning and Sen. Norment. The only difference between housing homeless in the wrong zoning area and the motel is that I would become a business owner and the county would receive their tax money.

The puppies are now a little over 6 weeks and will soon be going to their home in a couple of weeks. Dida has now weened them. They run from side to side barking and chasing each other. Shocking enough, I just now have been able to get pictures of them.


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