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Monday, March 21, 2005

God's Intervention

Several posts ago, I had mentioned our ex-landlords were suing us for the rent from January - March, even though we moved out at the end of December. At this point, we were on a month to month basis. I talked to WAVY about the lawsuit and they wanted to handle the situation for us during their "help 20 people in 20 days" program. I faxed them all the information, but never heard back from them. March 14th was coming up fast and we had no attorney, no direction and no money to pay the large amount for the lawsuit. But, we have God and we knew this suit was justified.

The week prior to the court date, I realized, it wasn't our ex-landlords suing, but the real estate management company that had taken over the properties for the landlords. That was odd, so we started calling to find out why? Turns out the property is now listed with another company, under a commercial lease only and the old real estate company lost the lease. So I figured it was vengeance for the money they lost.

Monday morning, the day of the court case, I had spent the morning researching the landlord/tenant law in Virginia. It was time for court, so we gathered all the information and headed out for court. I prayed the whole way over as Geoff and I discussed the potential case and facts. Our first plan was to get the case dismissed based on the fact it was filed in the wrong jurisdiction.

In the courtroom, we kept looking around, trying to figure out where the attorney was who represents the real estate company, while we waited for our case to be called. Our case was set for 1:30, yet it was after 2:00 and we still waited in prayer. Finally, at 2:45, when there was only a well dressed lady and us in the courtroom left, the bailiff came over to ask us about our case. I gave her the summons and she went to the clerk at the judge’s bench. I was a bit nervous about the look on her face as she was walking back toward us and motioned for us to step outside. But, with a smile, she whispered, “Your case was dropped by the Plaintiff. I’m sorry you had to wait.” Praise God was all I could think. God knew the case was unjust and He prevailed!


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