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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Williamsburg Walks The Talk

Williamsburg Walks The Talk is a group of people, that have come together to assist men and women who have been recently released from incarceration from Virginia Regional Jail. Although they don't have a non-profit status, they are covered by All Together. WWTT's function is to assist peopel that are realeased from VPRJ by getting them hotel rooms, clothes, food... and into the community, back on their feet. They have very little monetary resources, because few think of helping ex-cons, but who are we to judge? The group is trying to form packages to give to releasees. The packages would like to contain the following:
$20 calling card
Wal-Mart gift card
a booklet of resources
$5.00 Gift Certificate from McDonald's, Chick Filet , Hardees or Wendys
Bibles (if wanted by the person)
bus tokens

They are wanting to start off with a pack of 20 to see how this works. What they are needing:
Gallon size zip lock baggies
bus tokens or cards
$5.00 Gift Certificate from McDonald's, Chick Filet , Hardees or Wendys
sample size soap and shampoo (such as we get from motels on vacation)

I am supplying the Bibles and some shampoo and soap. If you would like to help by providing gallon size zip lock baggies, chap-stick, bus tokens or a $5.00 Gift Certificate from McDonald's, Chick Filet , Hardees or Wendys, please email me at helpthehomeless@earthlink.net Williamsburgs Homeless & Indigent try to work together with WWTT because without joining together, many of the people released end up on the street lost and back in jail.


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