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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Since Tuesday of getting the go ahead for the leasing of the 22 rooms, I have spent many hours on the phone fundraising and praying. There have been speaking engagements, cold calling, W&M students donating and helping to raise funds, massive amounts of emails and so forth. We did unfortunately, because of a 7 hour situation, miss a day of fundraising. So where are we at now?

Thus far, we have had (4) $200.00 checks, (1) $100.00 check and $125.00 in cash from the W&M students have come in. A young girl went door to door and collected $150.00 on her own (with her mother's permission.) A gentleman here, who 2 years ago ran in the election against the Senator, has pledged $500.00 and we are awaiting to hear from our Sen. if he is going to donate, especially since he thought buying a motel made better sense. I am putting at least $500.00 out of my pocket toward the $26k. We still have a few more pledges of a total of $600.00 awaiting to arrive and 3 people have pledged, but the amount is unknown.

We still have a long ways to go, but little time. Tomorrow I will be calling more people, trying to speak with more groups and praying. Why is the motel so important? It is the fastest and most cost-effective way currently to assist the homeless with a place to live in our area. Even, by what I have been told, the Mayor in Newport News said to our Mayor, "Stop sending your problem here."

Many churches want to give, but speak with me first. A couple of churches have given $200.00 each. But, what many organizations, churches and agencies don't realize is that currently most of the local motels aren't doing weekly rooms at the moment. Family Inn is renovating and asked if they could send weeklys here, under the ministry. Even the 'shelter' that is at a church which is shutting down in a few days (because they are winter only) asked to send 7 people here. A family of 9 went to a church for help, but neither the church or the family can pay right now. Trailer parks are closing and several people will have nowhere to go or move their trailer.

So I will re-interate what the leasing of the rooms will do:
allow the weekly rate to be locked in at $190 a week
allow somebody totally indigent coming in a place to stay as they await a paycheck or get a job (although most of them have jobs, just poor credit and no money to pay a deposit/1st/last month rent)
allow a place until affordable housing is decided upon (I'm sorry but $110-160k isn't affordable)
allow less people out on the streets or living in cars
allow the time to find investors and fundraise to purchase the motel in November
allow us first chance at buying

If the money isn't raised, there is a buyer who has put money down to be next in line, who can buy right now. The room rates will go up this summer to $250 a week and none of us can afford that, so couples with children, single parents, ailing adults and females will also be included in the numbers without shelter over their head.

What you can do to help:
if you are local, donate (the P.O. Box is at the top of the page or you can call me)
if you aren't local, you can use the paypal button to make a donation
if neither of the above works for you, then please pray!

What it will take:
100 people donating $200
or 200 people donating $100
or so forth (you get the picture)

A special thank-you to Mr. Cheng and the W&M students for all their efforts.

God Bless!


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