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Friday, February 11, 2005

When Jesus went out and healed, all He wanted was for the blessing to be passed and His Father's word to be passed along for Salvation. Unfortunately, only a few shared the Grace that through Jesus, God could offer an eternal life full of His riches in His kingdom. Other's who were blessed went out to enjoy life, in ways they had not have known if it wasn't for a miracle. But, God knew in advance. God knew the outcome and eventually Jesus' death for our sins, Why do I bring this 'summary' up? Because only God knows what will come. I don't have dreams, I have plans that I felt was through God and a calling. I still believe in them because He gives me signs each day. Each day it is to not give up, count on Him, keep my eyes on Him and keep helping the lost.

Humanly, I fall short. Each day I pray for people. Each day I also fear. I have days where God has saved a person and then other days where Satan has ripped a person apart. Even worse, I have had days where I have prayed for a person on many levels (financially, spiritually and emotionally) with even what had been answered when I prayed, with a reply of "Help them." Thus, to only turn around and find out a day or two to have been conned or cheated or lied to. Is this Satan, or is it God whose says to help those in need and you will be blessed? Who knows but God?

Humanly, we think if we become a 501(c)3 we have all this money at our hands. I spent the night before looking for grants only to find so many to say "Only for $39.95..." Well, most grants locallly are beyond their deadlines, monies are given, people are fed, and some sleep safe. Well, that doesn't mean just because you are legit or willing to help others that money flows in. I know this from life in general, even moreso now than ever! The rooms we have at the motel are paid and secured for 2 weeks, the house rents are covered and ok, but us....that is another story. Yes, I know God says to pay your debts first and then give to help. Well we did that. We paid our room for several weeks, but did not forsee new clients, problems, health issues, cons and so forth. What can I say? God has a great plan, yet even as I try to follow, the clients are weeded out properly, yet I seem to fall behind? I try to live up to God's commands as we all do, yet for some reason I always fall short. I mean how can I take $45K and help people and pay my own responsibilities and still end up on the street. Is this where God wants me?

The other day a lady read the business plan to buy the motel and said, "Nobody wants to give unless they can show money in pocket for that reason." Maybe that is true, I don't know. This is the biggest venture I have tried, but unlike the rest, it isn't for me, but for others in need. It is a good plan. Many have faith in it, as I do. Is it of God? Can you make up for past sins? Can one change their life? Can one decide to help others instead of being selfish? That is between us and God.

The downfall is that between people lying, falling short, conning or just truely in need, come tomorrow night Geoff and I must pack up all our belongings because we don't have the $200.00 to pay Sunday morn for a week. And even then still have 4 more weeks til my money comes in. Where do we go? Do we do what SC has asked "Please come here, we know God's plan would work, we want you here!" I have a storage of money full of antiques, do I sell it and forget my family that I have promised to keep it for the grandkids? When I have prayed, it comes back "NO!" But, humanly it is hard. Do I go in debt to help those in need for God and keep in faith that He will provide? I will do whatever God wants, but when do you take that leap into the air to know that He provides the net to catch you?

Does God want us to live in a car? Does God want us to cut down to nothing? Does God even want us?

This is not a plea for money, because I am taking this huge leap of faith. I never want anyone to give unless God puts it on their hearts. So please don't. Maybe there is a reason for this and He will see it through. The people who promised money, those who found out I was a Christian, backed out. So every other week, I have paid the motels out of my own pocket. What did I do wrong other than love Christ and want to repay for His death for me? Pray for us. I will not give up on God, nor people in need, nor the plan for the future help of others, but until Sunday, when He comes through that is the only time we can be reach. After Sunday, if it is not His will, we will be in our car, living as so many do in Williamsburg.

We can't give up because it is for Him and His people, not us!

In His Name For He Is The Only Way,


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