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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Well things have been busy and hard. So I am very sorry that I have not blogged lately. It is hard to blog, when you are on dial up and then keep getting bumped off the connection! Last week I had $50.00 in phone charges just tyring to stay connected. Soooo much has happened though since we have been here. A nice lady has bought homes and rented them to us for 3 homeless each to rent; we are in phase I of buying a motel that is an extend a stay; Churchbuilders received approval for us to be fully under their group exempt 501(c)3; we are doing a walk-a-thon; we are broke; a certain agency has denied anyone under our ministry no help; I have come to the realization that we are now homeless (by choice I guess they would say.) The latter doesn't bother me because as long as we have friends still here in the motel, we will be here. A certain board I was on, I am no longer because God told a man to take my place. OK so that is fine because so far he has no clue. He is housing people in a church and has no regulations, which LOL, the 2 people there are ex-clients and there is a good reason they are ex. But, I shouldn't be so cold in that regard. I just keep thinking back to when he said "I hope God doesn't tell me to do what He has you do cuz I couldn't do it." Actually, he is a nice guy, yet he won't take any advice. Dida, our female Shih Tzu had 4 boys this week! They are great and so cute. SHARPE this semester is incredible, those I met from W&M. Hadyn is back from Christmas break and brought us tons of great stuff for motel living for all! Thank you to her sister and brother! Well gotta run cuz it is time to go under the bridge and in the woods for a count. Today is the day that they have a count. Avalon is in charge of it this year (PRAISE GOD!) City of Williamsburg and York County is being AWESOME! Oh yeah, my old landlords are suing me for $3700 and decided to charge me for the month of January, even though we were gone by Dec. 29th as they said. Funny, I thought they were Christians, but oh well. (If I sued everyone that technically I could have, I would be able to buy the motel, without a loan.) But, comes what may, we will see. About to be bumped once again so I better post this.


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