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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Staying In A Motel

Well, it has been awhile and I have no excuse except for the fact that you lose track of time when staying in a motel. Minutes becomes hours and then days...now I can really understand the street paranoia some get, even if I do have a roof over my head. Also, the fact that I keep getting bumped off the internet! So it seems like, is it worth it to blog? Yes, it is, but it costs a lot of money now than before.

Let's see I think I mentioned my old landlords are suing me for January's rent, even though we didn't live there. Well, to my surprise, I went passed the house the other day and they were going ahead with the demolition! So ok let's re-cap. They have my deposit to cover the pro-rated amount for Dec. which was $792 and to cover the $600 some odd dollar power bill for that month. We were out before January, so why do they want rent for that month and now, who cares what the condition of the house was in cuz they are destroying it! Go figure. Sure let's go to court (actually if they are Christians, let's go to their Pastor and see what he says?) I bet the news would be interested in this one!


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