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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Few of us in today's society wonder about those who have no place to sleep or no building to seek warmth in as we are dashing to our car from the store or hurrying into the house as the bitter wind cuts deep into our bones. But in Williamsburg, there are still people who have no choice but to hudle up against a brick wall in a thin blanket for the night or burrow themselves deep into a sleeping bag under some brush in the woods. Then in the morning, pack up their only form of warmth and walk a mile or two to work, knowing at the end of the day, they must face the unbearable weather once again. Since currently there is no shelter in Williamsburg, remembering that we and several homeless were evicted from our home at Christmas time, what hope of warmth at night is there for the homeless in Williamsburg? That can all change in our community during the winter months, with a few spare coins from your pockets.

Jan. 29th, Williamsburg's Homeless & Indigent are sponsoring a walk-a-thon to raise money for the homeless for housing and food. We have representatives from W&M walking, along with K-9 Connection, Wellspring United Methodist Church, York River Baptist Church, Laufer Insurance Agency, Mt. Pilgram Baptist Church to name a few. But what we need are people to pledge to help raise money. The walk-a-thon takes place at Williamsburg Shopping Center on Richmond Rd. We will meet at 2:00 PM and walk to Captain John Smith Inn on Richmond Rd., which is 1.5 miles. Our goal is $10,000.00, which would feed and house the homeless for the remaining winter months. Although many in the community think they are homeless by their own choice, they can't control the weather. Remember the ice storm a few years back in Williamsburg, when you had no heat, no electricity, couldn't cook and little warmth? If you remember how you felt, could you help us succeed in reaching our goal for the individuals and families locally who are in need of warmth, food and medical attention?

Pledged money is due the day of the walk-a-thon. Checks are acceptable and can be made out to WHI (Williamsburg's Homeless & Indigent). If you would like to pledge or find out more information, please contact me at 561-3255 or helpthehomeless@earthlink.net .


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