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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy New Year!

I pray everyone had a safe a happy new year! Ours was pretty quiet and different considering the circumstances. We are currently living in a weekly motel. At first I thought it would be hard and it was. I have a new respect for those who call a motel their home. Our room was so cramped, it took us days to get everything organized and in place (and still have a little more to go.) The first few nights for myself were extremely hard on me. I guess it is another way for God to humble me. My biggest concern was for my 2 dogs. Where were they going to run, how can they go out to play and how long could they handle this? But, they adjusted fine. We started off with 7 rooms at $180 each a week. Now we are at 6 rooms (2 people left because they couldn't save any money from paychecks to help with their cost.) Next week we have another room to be vacant because a family (father and his son) are getting an apartment! Praise God!) I will miss them dearly though. I know I will end up crying because I have become so attached to the son. Actually, many people thought he was my son because we look a lot alike.

Here are some things I have been thinking about since living in the motel:

What do I miss the most? A yard. Even though I didn't go out in it so much, it was mine and the doggies place to play.
What has been the hardest about living in the motel? Cooking meals for 16 people and not having a kitchen. And the small living quarters.
What has been my biggest regrets about the whole situation? Worrying and panicing about the move instead of leaving it up to God.
What has been the best part of living in the motel? Keeping all of us together and the new door God has opened! (to be continued tomorrow...)


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