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Friday, February 18, 2005

Jesus Hugged Me

As Joann drove us down to Virginia Beach, and not knowing what to expect at a revival, we spoke mostly about the business plan of my buying a motel. Joann teaches on Thursday nights at a Bible school in Virginia Beach called New Life Christian Church. I didn’t even know what to expect from the Bible study, since I had never been, but I trust Joann as much as I do my friend Ann. She told me, “Few students will be in class because most of them will be over at the Founders Inn for the Toronto Meeting Revival.” As we pulled up, a man that I have spoken with named James approached us to let me know he had several bags of clothing he has been collecting for WHI. So, we went into the classroom, after I received a tour of their new school, and began to set up chairs. Not many chairs, knowing few were coming. Most of the class was on the opening of Heaven, Daniel and Jeremiah. At some point, Joann asked me to give my testimony of when Jesus visited me in a vision 2 years ago and thus the beginning of the ministry for the homeless. Shortly after my testimony, a young adult (about 17) screamed out,
“I am coming, I am coming, I am coming. The young need to start learning and the old need to start teaching. I am coming, I am coming, I am coming. I am not far away…”
The rest I could not remember. Joann had tears in her eyes because earlier that day she had prayed “God please come back. There is so much wrong in this world and we need a revival of Christians.” That was the first she had shared that with anyone, including me. Blessedly enough, my friend Ann and I had had a very similar discussion before I left for the beach area about the corruption of the people and how there needs to be a revival of Christians. Class ended early so we could go over to the Founders Inn. On the way over, Joann shared with me about the young lady and how she typically sits in the very back and never says a word. She has always been a meek-voiced person, so Joann felt this was a message from God.

When we went in to the conference room at the Founders Inn, the place was packed. No seats were available, so Joann and I sat on the floor as she commented, “If at any time you get nervous or scared, let me know and we will leave.” I sat in prayer for God’s will and the motel for most of the evening, not totally in the conference room. A few minutes later, I became very thirsty and left in search of the water on the other side of the conference room. I left out of one door, walked through the lobby and in the far door toward the water table. As I was drinking, a man caught my eye. At this point I was standing in the doorway; not inside the conference room, yet not fully in the lobby.

I became transfixed on this one gentleman. He was wearing a grey, slightly worn suit with a grey trench coat and a nice fedora hat to match. He had a salt and pepper beard with matching hair to the nape of his neck and pushed behind his ears. He looked to be Middle Eastern and about 60-70 years old. Something seemed so familiar about this man. For about an hour I kept transfixed on him. My heart was full of passion, but not a lustful passion. Many people during this time came up to ask “Are you OK? Do you need prayer?” “No,” I responded “I am fine.” It seemed as if he was with a lady and young girl, who were in line for prayer, yet the ‘catchers’ didn’t seem to notice the man. I didn’t notice him talking to anyone or in the prayer line. He slightly looked over to glance briefly at me, or so I thought he was looking at me. Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Joann going out to look for me. I met her halfway in the lobby and told her “I needed some water.” She introduced me to a friend of hers, who also has a heart for the at-risk and homeless. We talked briefly, even though to be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention to her, because I noticed the man walk past me into the lobby. Once again he was with the young girl and lady. I was again so transfixed on him and told Joann’s friend, “I am sorry but I am so drawn to this man, I can’t keep from looking at him.” “What man? Why don’t you go talk to him?” she responded. I said, “The man who just walked by in the trench coat. Didn’t you see him?” Either she wasn’t paying attention as I had been, or she didn’t see him go past. “Are you OK, do you need prayer?” “No, the only way I would be going up is if they said somebody in here needs a lot of money and then many people would probably go up.”

I walked over to the man, with a business card in hand, ready to speak. But all that came out was, “I am so sorry. I have been staring at you since you went into the conference room and I’m not trying to be rude (all this as I am stumbling on my words because I didn’t know what to say) but I want to give you my business card.” And he leaned over and gave me a hug. Not just your everyday hug, friend to friend, but more like a father who hasn’t seen his child in a long time. I felt so comfortable in his arms, that I wish it didn’t end so soon. Then he looked into my eyes and said, “God Bless you my child,” with an Arabic accent. Tears began to fill my eyes and I wanted more water. As I was going for some water, I was informed money was mentioned: “Somebody in here needs a large sum of money,” yet nobody went up. I headed toward the water table inside, but turned to see him reading my card. He looked at me, tipped his hat and put it in his pocket. I rushed to get my water and in less than a few seconds I looked and he was gone. The lady and girl were still around, but for an hour afterwards he was nowhere to be seen.

As we drove back, Joann said, “You seem so at peace.” I replied, “I am. I am high on God.” We talked briefly about the man, but not much because I wanted to pray about him. When I came home to tell Geoff and a Christian friend of ours, they both said, “That was Jesus. You had an incredible blessing!” That is exactly what I felt as well. I didn’t want to come out and say to them, “I saw Jesus and He hugged me and gave me His blessing!” But that is how I felt. What seemed so familiar to me about him? The fact that this man looked just like the one in my dream two years ago, except that one was dressed in rags and sitting on my bed. He said to me at one point in the first vision, “We brought you here for a reason. You have a purpose here in Williamsburg!” Even then, I felt so at peace and so calm, considering the fact a stranger was in my house, sitting on my bed in the middle of the night and the doors were locked. And if it wasn’t Jesus this time, too, then this man is so filled with the love of Jesus that it is AMAZING!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Williamsburg Walks The Talk

Williamsburg Walks The Talk is a group of people, that have come together to assist men and women who have been recently released from incarceration from Virginia Regional Jail. Although they don't have a non-profit status, they are covered by All Together. WWTT's function is to assist peopel that are realeased from VPRJ by getting them hotel rooms, clothes, food... and into the community, back on their feet. They have very little monetary resources, because few think of helping ex-cons, but who are we to judge? The group is trying to form packages to give to releasees. The packages would like to contain the following:
$20 calling card
Wal-Mart gift card
a booklet of resources
$5.00 Gift Certificate from McDonald's, Chick Filet , Hardees or Wendys
Bibles (if wanted by the person)
bus tokens

They are wanting to start off with a pack of 20 to see how this works. What they are needing:
Gallon size zip lock baggies
bus tokens or cards
$5.00 Gift Certificate from McDonald's, Chick Filet , Hardees or Wendys
sample size soap and shampoo (such as we get from motels on vacation)

I am supplying the Bibles and some shampoo and soap. If you would like to help by providing gallon size zip lock baggies, chap-stick, bus tokens or a $5.00 Gift Certificate from McDonald's, Chick Filet , Hardees or Wendys, please email me at helpthehomeless@earthlink.net Williamsburgs Homeless & Indigent try to work together with WWTT because without joining together, many of the people released end up on the street lost and back in jail.

Friday, February 11, 2005

When Jesus went out and healed, all He wanted was for the blessing to be passed and His Father's word to be passed along for Salvation. Unfortunately, only a few shared the Grace that through Jesus, God could offer an eternal life full of His riches in His kingdom. Other's who were blessed went out to enjoy life, in ways they had not have known if it wasn't for a miracle. But, God knew in advance. God knew the outcome and eventually Jesus' death for our sins, Why do I bring this 'summary' up? Because only God knows what will come. I don't have dreams, I have plans that I felt was through God and a calling. I still believe in them because He gives me signs each day. Each day it is to not give up, count on Him, keep my eyes on Him and keep helping the lost.

Humanly, I fall short. Each day I pray for people. Each day I also fear. I have days where God has saved a person and then other days where Satan has ripped a person apart. Even worse, I have had days where I have prayed for a person on many levels (financially, spiritually and emotionally) with even what had been answered when I prayed, with a reply of "Help them." Thus, to only turn around and find out a day or two to have been conned or cheated or lied to. Is this Satan, or is it God whose says to help those in need and you will be blessed? Who knows but God?

Humanly, we think if we become a 501(c)3 we have all this money at our hands. I spent the night before looking for grants only to find so many to say "Only for $39.95..." Well, most grants locallly are beyond their deadlines, monies are given, people are fed, and some sleep safe. Well, that doesn't mean just because you are legit or willing to help others that money flows in. I know this from life in general, even moreso now than ever! The rooms we have at the motel are paid and secured for 2 weeks, the house rents are covered and ok, but us....that is another story. Yes, I know God says to pay your debts first and then give to help. Well we did that. We paid our room for several weeks, but did not forsee new clients, problems, health issues, cons and so forth. What can I say? God has a great plan, yet even as I try to follow, the clients are weeded out properly, yet I seem to fall behind? I try to live up to God's commands as we all do, yet for some reason I always fall short. I mean how can I take $45K and help people and pay my own responsibilities and still end up on the street. Is this where God wants me?

The other day a lady read the business plan to buy the motel and said, "Nobody wants to give unless they can show money in pocket for that reason." Maybe that is true, I don't know. This is the biggest venture I have tried, but unlike the rest, it isn't for me, but for others in need. It is a good plan. Many have faith in it, as I do. Is it of God? Can you make up for past sins? Can one change their life? Can one decide to help others instead of being selfish? That is between us and God.

The downfall is that between people lying, falling short, conning or just truely in need, come tomorrow night Geoff and I must pack up all our belongings because we don't have the $200.00 to pay Sunday morn for a week. And even then still have 4 more weeks til my money comes in. Where do we go? Do we do what SC has asked "Please come here, we know God's plan would work, we want you here!" I have a storage of money full of antiques, do I sell it and forget my family that I have promised to keep it for the grandkids? When I have prayed, it comes back "NO!" But, humanly it is hard. Do I go in debt to help those in need for God and keep in faith that He will provide? I will do whatever God wants, but when do you take that leap into the air to know that He provides the net to catch you?

Does God want us to live in a car? Does God want us to cut down to nothing? Does God even want us?

This is not a plea for money, because I am taking this huge leap of faith. I never want anyone to give unless God puts it on their hearts. So please don't. Maybe there is a reason for this and He will see it through. The people who promised money, those who found out I was a Christian, backed out. So every other week, I have paid the motels out of my own pocket. What did I do wrong other than love Christ and want to repay for His death for me? Pray for us. I will not give up on God, nor people in need, nor the plan for the future help of others, but until Sunday, when He comes through that is the only time we can be reach. After Sunday, if it is not His will, we will be in our car, living as so many do in Williamsburg.

We can't give up because it is for Him and His people, not us!

In His Name For He Is The Only Way,

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Several clients had some down-falls or situations that were hindering them, and I ended up a little frustrated. Now typically when I am frustrated, I go outside and cut grass so I have the roar of the engine to block out the everyday noise and it gives me quiet time to pray (very few people will interupt a person cutting grass!) But, there is no grass here. So I went down and asked the owner if he had a rake. The back of the motel was filled with leaves, beer cans, soda cans and trash. He gladly gave it to me and I went to work. A couple of friends and clients came up to ask what I was doing and all it took to say was "I'm frustrated!" That ended that, as they walked away. For the most part, all the trash was picked up (4 garbage bags full) and leaves were raked out, but I was still mift. The back of the motel has these annoying vines that take over everything, so I started pulling. I pulled out 4 feet in depth (so they now have more of their property regained) and went down a length of 150 feet! I felt better, but, I can't leave a project undone. So today I asked for a flat head shovel so I can created a well manicured edge along the property that was regained.

Later that night, I was in prayer with my Bible in hand. I was praying about our financial situation (we are basically broke with only enough money for one week personally at the motel and need it for 5 more weeks), the ministry account, after bills is broke, SC is praying and asking for me to come back there to help to handle the homeless situation (even though I don't want to) and just a few other things going on with some of the clients. Everytime I prayed about eac of these, God kept giving me Psalm 1:1-6
Blessed is the man who doesn't walk in the counsel of the wicked, Nor stand in the way of sinners, Nor sit in the seat of mockers; But his delight is in God's law; On his law he meditates day and night. He will be like a tree planted by the streams of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also does not wither. Whatever he does shall prosper. The wicked are not so, But are like the chaff which the wind drives away. Therefore the wicked shall not stand in the judgment, Nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For God knows the way of the righteous, But the way of the wicked shall perish.
Praise God for His wisdom, so I will be patient and keep doing what He wants me to do.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Praise God! Finally after almost 2 years, our 501(c)3 came through! We can be found on www.guidestar.com in their search for non-profits under Williamsburgs Homeless & Indigent. OK, now we have a couple of problems. 1) We ended up with 2 EIN numbers so I have to remove the bad one and 2) they combined addresses and registered it wrong. So I spent most of Monday on the phone with the IRS and Guidestar. The downfall of it is I now have 3 different forms to file to correct everything, even though it wasn't my fault. The good thing is now we can file for grants. I am soon to do a press release for the paper, which will be good for the community to know we are now 100% legit, according to the government.

The walk-a-thon was a little hectic, which was my fault, but went well. We had about 40-50 people and 3 dogs who walked. Zack, who is 4, decided he wanted to walk so their whole family did. Now remembering back to when you were 4, you think 1.5 miles is a block...after that one block he walked, he looked at his mom and said "You are a mean family!" She was taken aback and said "Why?" to which he replied "Cuz you are making me walk so far." But for the most part, he rode on the back of the stoller that had his little sister in it. Smitty made it about 4 blocks and then we had to have him picked up. We raised about $795 for motel rooms, which didn't last long. It covered about 4 rooms. But, for our first fundraiser I think all went well.
I'm A New Grandma!

Two weeks ago, Dida gave birth to four little boys. This time around she was kind enough to wait til 7:00 AM instead of in the middle of the night. For those of you who don't realize this, Dida is my female shih tzu and I also own the daddy, Baboo. The pups are growing fast and all have homes. I will post pics when I can. One is going to Linda Bell at Old Towne Medical Center, one to a house that was rented for a few of our homeless clients, one to a probation officer and one to a friend of ours, Alicia. If we named them now, they would all be called piggy cuz they are getting fat fast!
Staying In A Motel

Well, it has been awhile and I have no excuse except for the fact that you lose track of time when staying in a motel. Minutes becomes hours and then days...now I can really understand the street paranoia some get, even if I do have a roof over my head. Also, the fact that I keep getting bumped off the internet! So it seems like, is it worth it to blog? Yes, it is, but it costs a lot of money now than before.

Let's see I think I mentioned my old landlords are suing me for January's rent, even though we didn't live there. Well, to my surprise, I went passed the house the other day and they were going ahead with the demolition! So ok let's re-cap. They have my deposit to cover the pro-rated amount for Dec. which was $792 and to cover the $600 some odd dollar power bill for that month. We were out before January, so why do they want rent for that month and now, who cares what the condition of the house was in cuz they are destroying it! Go figure. Sure let's go to court (actually if they are Christians, let's go to their Pastor and see what he says?) I bet the news would be interested in this one!