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Friday, May 14, 2004

Angel (the Littlest Angel)(our's)

Christina (Devon's puppy)

Chrissy (Tina's puppy)
Celest (our's)
Sadly, yesterday, the oldest of Dida's puppies, Grace, passed away. She was the one Dida had rejected in the beginning. Since she had made it for almost a week and the vet said she was fine, we decided to keep her. We had a small burial for her and now watch carefully on the other puppies.

Friday, May 07, 2004

So far, there are no more puppies. 5 is enough. Devon put his order in awhile back and I know I will keep one so we will have 3 to find wonderful homes for in July. If we knew we would be here for more than just another year, I would keep them all! Well, grandma is tired so I am going to try to catch a few zzz's before appointments mid-day.
Another one, the 5th one, was just born about 15 minutes ago! We just looked in on Dida to make sure all were eating and here she was panting heavy again. Could there be a 6th that the vet couldn't see? So far we have 1 blonde with white, 2 chocolate with white, a faint black with white and a jet black (already named Patches) with a little bit of white! They are so tiny! About the size of a mouse.

At 2:00 am, Dida went into labor! We had to rush our dalmation and BaBoo, the daddy out of the room. I didn't even know she was in labor yet when I woke up. I just heard BaBoo barking and little cries and looked down to see 3 baby puupies already moved over into her bed! One may not make it, she was the first born. Just a minute ago, Dida had her 4rth puppy. So now we are just waiting for the last to be born. I will post pictures later.