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Thursday, December 15, 2005

St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Patti is not posting this message due to a fried motherboard on her computer. This is at the worst possible time for this to happen and I am playing secretary for her until another computer can be found running for her to use. So I offered my help since I am slightly trainable over the phone, and can take notes and orders with a smile. So with a prayer this post will turn out okay.
This Year's Christmas Celebration will take place at St. Martin's Episcopal Church. Emily Peas, a parishioner, contacted Patti to see if she knew of a family that was in need of a Christmas tree this year that might otherwise not have one. Patti could think of 3. She ultimately decided on our family and what would have been a total surprise, is only a surprise to my 2 little ones. She knew the whole family has allergy issues and wanted to know if pine was an issue for us. I told her only for me, but for the happiness and joy it will bring to the kids it will be worth a stuffy nose! I can't wait to see their faces! Emily also asked where the Christmas dinner would be held this year. As of that time I know Patti had struck out and was praying hard to come up with a location. Patti told her we had no where yet and Emily mention they just built a new Fellowship Hall at the church dedicated to the needy and she would speak to the church about their helping with us using the Fellowship Hall. She came back to Patti with not only the use of the Fellowship Hall but they are also providing a contemporary band, Santa, and helping with the food! Boy does God answer prayer!
The schedule is:
5:30- 6:30 pm arrival, Christmas Carols, and Meet and Greet
6:30- 7:15 pm Buffet Style Dinner
7:15- 7:30 pm Reading of the Giving Tree by Shel Silversten
7:30- 8:30 pm Santa's Arrival and Gift Giving

We also still need 20 pair one size fits all gloves and 40 scarves. For more information please call Patti 566-1946.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I just wanted to make a note about some of the wishes that have been requested! Some may seem extravegant or unusual, but please keep in mind, many of the people who will be on the list were either homeless until recently and just moved into a home or they are at the risk of becoming homeless and can not afford Christmas (let alone their rent) or they are currently homeless. Also just because somebody may be requesting a gas card, does not mean they are not homeless. The majority of the homeless here work and have transportation. Gas cards just help them have the money for the neccessities such as food or their job. Everything on somebody's wish list does not have to be purchased. It is a wish list. But, many have gone years without a gift.
If you have any questions, please email me at wsmburghomeless@yahoo.com DO NOT post it in the comment section. As somebody is adopted, I will remove them from the list.

Adopt-A-Homeless/At Risk Person for Christmas

Remember, as a child on December 25th, waking up bright-eyed with excitement to rush to the Christmas tree in awe of Santa's kindness? Most of us, even as adults, still look forward to that moment of unwrapping a gift from somebody special. Although we rarely notice them, there are people in Williamsburg that prefer for those holidays to rush by because they no longer experience Santa's kindness or don't have a special somebody: the homeless and at risk of being homeless. Many don't qualify for local "Christmas Wish" programs due to lack of identification or houses. Well, that changed 2 years ago! Now there is a program called "Adopt-A-Homeless/At Risk Person For Christmas" in Williamsburg. No IDs are required, just a need or a wish.
Here's how it works: a person who is homeless or at risk (including children) writes down his or her first name, age, and a wish ($100.00 or less). I post this information on my website and you choose a person from that list. You can email me or call 566-1946 with the name of the person you wish to adopt. Then, before December 23rd, call us and we will pick up your gift, which should be wrapped and with a name tag. On December 23rd, we have our Christmas Celebration where we come together for dinner, carols and joyous greetings and thanks.
Join us and watch their eyes sparkle with a glint of tears of joy as they open their gifts. Please help to make Christmas a day to look forward to, not sleep through, for somebody who is homeless and forgotten in Williamsburg!

If you are homeless and would like to be added to our list, please contact me at 566-1946 or via email at wsmburghomeless@yahoo.com