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Saturday, May 03, 2003

The Results Of The Voting Poll

Well the votes are in and even though there weren't as many as I expected there would be, 102 people and/or votes were computed. 42 votes for , "Yes, we are sick of it" and 60 votes for "No, we want to read more." So, I guess the page stays. But for those of you who voted to get rid of it, the only advice I can give to you is, stop reading it. If you are sick of it, don't go to it. This I can't even understand? If there is a show on TV that you don't want to see, most people change the channel or don't watch it. The annoyance and bad taste of porn spamming that happens commonly on peoples' computers, they delete it and do not go to the page. A telemarketing phone call, typically when you are sitting down for dinner, many say no and hang up. So if there is a website you don't want to see or read, why do you go to it?


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