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Monday, April 28, 2003

As you can tell on the webpage, it is a beautiful sunny day here in Williamsburg. After taking some food out and about, I stopped off at the new Bethel Restoration Church to meet Bishop Gray. I have heard so many wonderful things about him and have had a few conversations with him, so I thought it was time to put a face with the voice. Although he was busy, he took some of our 'business' cards and let me know he would be calling tonight. But I will say, from just a few minutes of talking with him in person, God radiates from him.

Several people have called today to find out how the meeting went over the weekend. Some I was able to chat with, since they don't have access to a computer and others said they would go to the web page.

Today has also been nice, because a couple of the guys have truly shown their friendship back to us. My husband had to go out of town at 3 this morn to finish up a contract in SC and won't be home til tonight. But before he left, he asked a couple of the guys who we work with (yes who are on the streets) if they would call and check up on me throughout the day to make sure everything is ok. Most of you I know think this is crazy. But first of all, I hate being alone at night. But secondly, it gives the guys a bit of pride knowing we trust them and treasure our friendship to the point we also ask for their help. Thirdly, many call us anyways, sometimes to check on work, or need money from their 'savings account' or sometimes just because they are bored and want to chat with us. The last one is always cute, cuz sometimes the phone gets passed around or one of the guys will say "Hey here comes a friend of mine...hey friend say hi to my other friend on the phone. Talk to her (or him if it is Geoff on the phone with them). They are nice people." So, since I have been back home, the phone has rang a few times of the guys checking on me. "OK we are gonna call back in a few more hours and check again. Make sure you answer so we don't get scared something happen to ya. Or if ya need us, you know where to find us." This says a lot about them. They trust us and see us as their friend just as much as we do toward them. We have always told them the only thing we ask is honesty and trust. And so far, they have always done so.

But, unfortunately, there is a downside to this also that causes them conflict. There are a few out there that don't trust us. And because of that, they try to convince the others that we aren't for real. Or that we are using them. Or even worse the reverse discrimination "Why would white people want to help you?" The last one is always the worse because we aren't the only people who try and help. Many do, but if you are going to discriminate against anyone no matter what race, you are shutting doors to those who would like to reach out to you.

Wow, my site today has been getting many hits. I just checked and now I know why. THANKS KEVIN! (aka the homeless guy) I appreciate the blog on your site (www.thehomelessguy.net) By the way, are you coming up here July 4th? We can get you a ride. Many people think Kevin isn't real when they see him on his webpage, but he is. Just from our phone conversations, if you have ever spent time with somebody who is or has been homeless, there are things you can pick up on. But I will say he is a nice guy. Another person I have talked with is James Worley (www.jamesworley.com) Another nice person and interesting reading.

We can't wait for July 4th! Usually I celebrate my birthday that day (even though it is technically the 11th, but it is hard since my brother's death which was between 10th & 11th). Last year we did a cookout for our whole neighborhood. Our neighbors there were mostly 50+ and had always wanted a neighborhood cookout, but nobody planned it, so we did. We had about 60 people and those who were too sick to come, opened their windows and watched if they could and we made plates and took them to the ones who were physically unable to get out. We had kareoke (a friend of ours does it professionally and came for 4 hours) 40 steaks and chicken breast, 30 hamburgers and hot dogs, 3 tables of sidedishes. We had the pool opened for everyone to swim, badmitton, croquet and bocce.We went from 10 in the morn til 11 at night and ended with 40 minutes of fireworks Geoff let off. It was such a great time fellowshipping (yes and that is what I meant because many of the men were ministers or religion professors at Furman or Elders at our churches. We actually did some gospel kareoke.

Well, time to get some yardwork done, if I am going to be able to answer the phone on the next round of calls. Remember to thank God for such a beautiful day He has provided!


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