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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

"Eastern State Hospital Meeting"

Too many words can be used to describe the meeting last night about the acute care reinvestment program Eastern State may 'suffer through'; concern, caring, sorrow, anger, puzzlement, and the list could go on. Eastern State, by the opinions expressed by the citizens last night sounds like a great place if you need help (I only wish my Mother would have been able to go there instead of a hospital in Roanoke, that the lack of care, brought her to her death....maybe then she would be alive today.) Many of us asked the same questions, but phrased differently "What about the quality of care for the patients at a private institution verses the care they receive at ESH?"

My main reason for going to the meeting was to see about the possibilities of renting or buying some of the buildings to create a 'settlement house' or shelter for the homeless. Ugh, they gave me the stupid microphone (I know I must get over that fear of mine), but they do make me nervous. When I mentioned why I was there and our ministry's goal for a shelter, I was laughed at. Fine, that doesn't bother me. Jesus was also made fun of, mocked and refused but God didn't let Him give up either! (Which later people came up, asked for cards, and explained they weren't laughing at me, but at the Beauracrocy that would try and stop this proposal.) At the end, before the meeting was over, a lady spoke, who I think touched everyone's heart with her story and successes. She had been a patient at ESH, tried many other services, but now has obtained a more stable life for the time being and even works at ESH part-time. KUDOS! She even recommended to bring CSB and other programs into the empty buildings and then exclaimed "This young girl who wants to do a homeless shelter, YES! Do we need one? YES!" A man from the back yelled "Give her a building!" The lady continued on "Yes, give her a building! Heck, give her 2 buildings!) Applause, not just for what she said in regards to me, but what she said for the support of those who need help, came throughout the whole room.

We will see what happens next. Sen. Norment promised to call today, again, we will see.


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