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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

"How Scary Is The Unknown?"

Have you ever been out on a dark street and for no reason, other than the fact it is dark and unlit, you get scared? Or maybe go into some water that is murky and because you can't see into it or through it, you get nervous? Or you are lying in bed and hear a noise, but too scared to check it out, you curl up tight with the covers over your head? The unknown can be very scary, until you confront that fear. Sometimes you find, once you confronted it, there was no reason to be scared and laugh in relief. What's my point? There are some who would like me to end this website. I have considered it, but you know what would be worse than ending it, is the unknown! Would some people be wondering, what happen today? Where are some of the people working today? Are they working? Where did they move onto next since they aren't under the bridge? Was that a homeless person I just saw? Who is this person walking behind me?

At least on the webpage, those who are interested, are allowed into this society known as homelessness. I try to keep people up to date, not just people here in Williamsburg, but all over. If you want, do the poll on bottom right side and let me know what you think?


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