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Friday, May 02, 2003


While at the meeting, I had informed people of an apt. that is available in a nice little neighborhood for much less than many of the weekly hotels around here. Although I have 2 people in mind it would be suitable for, I could not put them in with other tenants who rent apts. at the same place. The person I had in mind, doesn't get along with an existing tenant, and that would be a bad move; like mixing oil and water or more like pouring gas on a fire. But, one of the members knew of somebody who needed a place, because prior to she and her family had been living in their car. OK this is the better choice. Later that afternoon, "M" called me about seeing the apt. I had been trying most of the afternoon to get ahold of the gentleman who rents it out, but he wasn't available until after 5:00. Unfortunately, I found out it won't be ready for at least another week or two. Today, "M"'s payment would be due by 11:00 or they are back on the streets again. Her daughter just had surgery and that was the main reason they moved into a weekly hotel. Her husband works and so does she, but with the jump in rates for tourist season, it would take the majority of their paychecks combined for the rent and not leave much for food or meds.

Not wanting them back on the streets with their daughter just out from surgery, I asked them how much could they put toward the room? Basically they have half of the money, which is a lot more than many tend to have that we work with. These people seem to be hard working and a grand desire to be on their feet. I called Susan, my right hand person, to see if she could make calls for donations while my husband and I did the same. Luckily enough we got the extra money together, so now I am off to meet the husband at the hotel to get it paid for this week. Gotta run!

Ah, the convienance of check cards. I was able to just call it in and the church will reimburse me later today for the donation. So much easier!


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