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Friday, May 02, 2003

Taskforce For The Homeless

Again, yesterday, the Core Members for the Taskforce for the Homeless met in J.O.'s office. This is only my second meeting as a new member on the Core Board, but both times it has been productive. Others may not see it that way, but since I am new to the group, I have felt much has been accomplished. I don't want to go into details since we have a few things in the making, but soon enough others will know. But, it is definately benefitial to those who need help on the streets.

Afterwards, J.O. and I were able to discuss the matter about a neighbor and a couple of comments made. But, as always as things have been in the past with J.O. since we have met, it was resolved. The one thing I have realized is how important it is to keep the Agencies that are represented on the Taskforce seperate from the Agencies itself. If that makes sense? Such as, J.O. represents United Way here, yet even at the meetings, I am talking with her as J.O. and not technically United Way. So, not only are we representing who we work for, but our own hearts and concern for the homeless.


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