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Monday, April 28, 2003

Last night I called and spoke with one of the male neighbors who was also at the meeting. He came as a concerned neighbor, but had to leave early. I was able to at least have a civilized conversation with him and fully talk about some of the questions raised and my full answers. He did agree that the meeting as I describe it was out of control and suggested us to have another meeting with a mediator. He also thought as I did that I wasn't being given the chance to get answers totally out before I was being cut off. And I am totally open to another meeting if the neighbors want it, but I would agree a ref is needed. He actually mentioned a good idea of "the speaking stick". The person holding the stick has the floor until they are finished and then somebody else gets the stick and they have the chance to speak.

It was nice to hear that even a person who came to the meeting with concern also thought I wasn't given a fair chance to aliviate the neighbors' concern. But, now since we have had the meeting, I would like to keep our landlords out of being caught in the middle. THIS ISN"T FAIR TO THEM. All it really does is puts pressure on them. It doesn't jepordize our lease or makes us want to move. They are nice people and have not done anything wrong. My phone number is 741-2044 for those of you who still want to talk or have concerns.


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