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Thursday, April 17, 2003

"Virginia Bred"

So far, many that I have spoken with, in regards to homelessness have said "You are an outsider." Well, I might have lived in SC for the past 11 years before my husband and I moved here, but I was born right down the road from where we live now. I was born at St. Mary's hospital in Richmond and if it wasn't for the fact my Daddy was transferred after my birth, I would have been raised in Richmond. From the age of 5 until I was 17, I grew up in Charleston, WV.

My Daddy (William D. Williams) was born and raised in Richmond, along with his 2 sisters (who still reside there) and 2 brothers (who are deceased.) His Father (Richard "Dick" Williams) was the Head of Clerk of Courts until his retirement. My Daddy's maternal relatives (Dunkum) still reside in Louisa, Virginia.

My Mother (Virginia Ruth Lee) was born around and raised in Salem, Virginia. Although her parents were considered to be part of the 'working poor', my Grandfather had several acrege of land and raised animals. My uncle still resides in Salem. Other than farming, he is also a landlord of 100+ properties.

So even though I wasn't raised in Virginia after my birth, I was raised for the most part Virginian. I may be considered an outsider of Williamsburg, but not an outsider of Virginia.


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