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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

"Cruelty To Homeless"

Yesterday, due to the rain, the guys that had planned to go with me for daily work, were rained out. Instead, one of the guys who hasn't seen his daughter in some time asked if I would take him by so he could visit and drop him back off afterwards. Considering my belief for the family to maintain contact with each other, I looked forward to this visit. Although I don't want to go into the full details of his treatment, being cruel by beating an animal would be nicer than the words his daughter spoke to him and even at times, to me. At one point, the guys even had to 'defend my honour' to her with the words that came out. Not that she didn't 'love' her Father, cuz she claimed she did. But the fact he was on the streets and she at least lived in Grove. Not the fact that she had no vices, because as she claims "she does drink brown liquor and smokes weed daily" but her Father is a no good drunk. "Oh but he is sweet and a very kind 'bitch' but he is no good." As he kept saying he was trying to work and even said "Ms. Patti, didn't I work some last week?" Which was true, he still couldn't prove himself to her. Did he ever beat his wife or her....NO! Did he ever cheat...NO! But the fact remains that he doesn't work and he is on the street was her problem.

She invited me to an upcoming party and I strongly, but politely, declined. Because of the drugs...NO! Because of the liquor...NO! But it was because of the way she treated and talked to what should be another human, not just her Father.

In the car we spent a lot of time talking about how this time went and how it made him feel. It took some time for him to break down the walls, but he finally admitted that it hurt, for no other reason than it being a person looking at him that way. But, in the end he asked if he could go to church with us this weekend and maybe learn more than he once knew or felt.

Judges 11: 27 I have not sinned against you. Rather, you have wronged me by attacking me. Let the LORD, who is judge, decide today which of us is right


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