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Sunday, April 13, 2003

A few days ago, while Herman was taking a break from work, he said to me "Did I tell you I have a daughter?" No actually he hadn't, but that is mostly because he is with my husband working. The week it was raining, neither of them could work at customers' houses, so they did work at our house. He proceeded to tell me he hadn't seen her since 1992 and she would be 25 this year. He lost track of her over the years since he was living on the streets. I have had a lot of success with US Search in the past, so I told him about the company, in hopes we could track her down. Usually they have a 24 hour turn around with the information and how to contact a person you are searching for. His eyes lit up in hope that he may be able to call her the next day.

Unfortunately, US Search didn't have any luck. My heart sank and I didn't want to let him down. But, because they couldn't locate her, they gave me another search for free. So I ran it on him to see if anything came up in regards to family. Wow, several brothers and sisters. Yesterday, while Herman was at work, I spent my time on the phone trying to contact any of his family. I guess I made the right choice on which sister to call, because she was elated! They had been looking for him for the past couple of years. He use to keep contact with his sister, but stopped calling 2 years ago, because he didn't want to be a burden to them. "They have their own family, bills and life. I don't need to add any of my problems to them."

Leanna couldn't decide who to call first and was excited, yet shocked "We never thought we would hear from him again. Each week my siblings call and wonder if I had heard from him. Bless you child; praise God He brought him to you." I assured her he was doing well and was healthy. He is a godsend to my husband and all the help he provides for his company. We talked about the possibility of the family to come to Williamsburg to visit with Herman. I told her that Herman was planning on coming here after work for dinner and she was welcomed to call if she wanted to talk to him. In the meantime, she was going to try and find out where Herman's daughter might be living now.

Shortly after dinner was over, the phone rang and I knew it would be for Herman. He slipped away into the livingroom to talk. Although it wasn't a long conversation (especially compared to mine with her,) it was a nice reunion. I didn't want to question him when he hung up, in his own time he will talk about it, but he seemed like a piece of his heart had been restored.


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