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"Assisting people in re-gaining hope and a better way of life."

Friday, April 11, 2003

John 16:24(NLT) ... Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy.

Yesterday was a day of wisdom for me! The lady who gave out the blankets and McDonald's Gift Certificates in Paul Aron's "Homeless Defy Easy Solutions" had invited me to breakfast to finally meet, face to face. The kindness that shines from her is incredible. Although she is quiet, there is a boldness that runs deep for the homeless. The connection between us is God given to fight for His people!

Prior to our meeting, the night before, like always, I prayed unto God to provide the knowledge to get a shelter here in Williamsburg. The time has come, the plans are made, but we need a building. God please lead me! Tell me if this is right, let me know how we can get a place for these people, whose only desire is to work, re-connect and come back to you. You have opened their hearts for the help they need, please help to provide the way.

During the drive to meet Anne, I kept thinking about my prayer. I kept feeling the Spirit to call about a hotel another wonderful woman had found. How can I afford a building? I have to go by the kindness and giving of somebody else to make this possible. I don't have good credit and the money we have left after bills are paid go to help the homeless, either food or paying for jobs or the gas to meet with them. How can I?

While listening to Anne, she said something that let me know God was talking through her "A man in CA wanted to buy an old hospital and turn it into a shelter for the homeless. He didn't have much money, nor good credit, but he prayed and now he is able to provide a multi-level facility to meet their needs." Wow, talk about a slap in the face to pull me back in! I thought, "OK I have prayed so now I need to try and leave everything else up to God." I have to call Wanda when I get out to have her set up a meeting with the person who wants to sell the hotel. When I did call for the request Wanda asked "Did you find the money?" Well, no I hadn't, but I have something better than gold, I have God!

Our power went out shortly after I arrived at home. Odd, what do I do now? I would typically be on the phone trying to make donation needs or on the computer updating my blog and emailing people for advice. So now what? I knew at that moment. God wanted me to slow down and be open to His advice. God wanted more time for prayer and more time with Him. So I spent the next couple of hours with Him. Our minister would be coming over that evening for dinner and fellowship and to discuss this 'ministry'. I had thought prior to the moment of prayer that I needed our Churches backing. I am just one person. What can I do with such a small group of volunteers and those who need help? I almost started to cry because I was feeling weak. I was feeling like I could lose this battle for these people that I love. I could not fail them, no matter what the cost! Nor would I! They are my heart, my joy, my human love, my friends, the people I spend time with. Even as a child I would get in trouble for 'talking to strangers' by my Mother. At that young age, I didn't know what a homeless person was, I just always told her they weren't strangers, they were my friends.

Shortly around 5:00, the power came back on and our phone rang. It was the line we have established for people to call in regards to the homeless. Great timing, I thought. Or at least until I answered it. "Patti, when do you want a shelter?" What, can God use a phone? I couldn't believe it. OK this is a sick joke. God don't let somebody be this cruel. He was for real and after an hour of conversation, we had a starting plan. God was working through us.

Although this is just the beginning and only 7 weeks into the ministry God brought me to, it is the timeline God has choosen. So, Williamsburg, you are getting a shelter and possibly before my goal of one year!


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