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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

"A Hopeless Day"

Unfortunately, at the moment, I am experiencing what many who are living on the streets go through...hopelessness. Although it has nothing to do with the homeless or our efforts. This is about some bad news my husband and I received today in our personal lives. I will blog tonight, when I feel better. But, for right now, I just need to spend some time with God for prayer to pull myself out of this gutter of hopelessness. "Amber, I am sorry. We tried. We thought we would be able to be your 'new Mommie and Daddy. We fought hard and stayed true to the desire to provide you with a home. Maybe somebody else will love you the way we wanted to. You will never have the chance to know us and love us the way we feel in love with you, but we pray you will have a nice life." The parents you will never know, yet who wanted to be.


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