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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

With the possibility of War weighing on everyone's minds across the world, the media throughout announces several tips for us to be more prepared. As the clock ticks away at the coutdown, agencies, military, police, firefighters, social services and citizens await government announcements. In the past 2 days, schools have been put on alert for possible lockdowns, cities that have waterway entrances have increased security and the newspapers have debriefed Hampton Roads citizens on places to contact in case of emergency such as these articles:
Red Cross staff ready to react
Take a moment to read this article, if you haven't already. Did you notice it said the Red Cross in Newport News? What about the one here? Considering I have not seen it, but only saw it in the phone book, I have no idea of it's size or capacity. For those of you who don't live in Williamsburg, Newport News is about a 15-25 minute drive away. So, if by chance you have no transportation, other than your legs, it would take much longer. So what's my point? The Homeless don't have cars for the most part nor do they have bus fare. Since they don't have houses, they have no need for duct tape, but that also means without a shelter in our area, they have nowhere for safety either. Now, if this doesn't bother you, because you are thinking "Hey they did this to themselves!" or "Why is this my problem or why should I care?", let me put it to you another way. If the Homeless have nowhere to go for safety, if God forbid something did happen here, than neither do you! What would you do if somehow you didn't have that nice bed to sleep in or the microwave to heat up some food fast in between commercial breaks? What would you do if something happen to the area you live in and you had to walk to the nearest community aid shelter. Or your kids are out with a group of their friends and something happen like Sept. 11th in our area; where would your kids go and when you call the nearest shelter (just as many did in NYC) to look for your children there...opps I forgot, Williamsburg doesn't have one. So I guess I don't even know what you would do. These are also things that must be considered in regards to building a shelter. Not always is it the Homeless that benefit from them.


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