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Sunday, March 16, 2003

My Eyes Have Been Opened

A wise man in our area sent my first email response regarding the website last night. He said I need to “not be too hard on those who say they want to help but haven't yet done anything. They may genuinely want to help, even if they're cautious, and I worry that if they read your criticisms of them they may run away.” Yes, he is correct. But, let me explain that the people who have said they want to help in many ways are helping. I guess my frustrations fall more toward those who feel they can only help as a group and not on their own. Such as when I call upon churches and I am told they must approve it through their Board first. Especially when all I have asked is for them to make an announcement to the congregation. So, now through this wisdom, I must find other avenues to reach out to the population of Williamsburg: to let them know what I and soon to be, others are trying to achieve, how they can help, and our progress. Thanks Paul for opening my eyes!

All I can say is that sometimes when you feel strong about something, you can forget that not everyone else feels the same. So, to those I might have offended, I am sorry.


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