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Sunday, March 16, 2003

"A Lady Called Wanda"

Last night I was honoured with a phone call from a lady name Wanda . She was returning my call (or I must says calls) throughout the week, but we could never catch up with one another. Last Sat. she had written in to the Va Gazette in a section called “The Last Word” requesting for the help with the Homeless be continued and for one day, Williamsburg to have a shelter. I had tried desperately to reach via the phone number she left at the end of her article, in hopes we could join forces. Now at this point, I just thought I was calling somebody who had been touched in her heart by God, was open to the idea that the Homeless are people too and saw the need for the city of Williamsburg to build a shelter. But, later in our phone conversation, I found out that she had once been homeless (to her not as bad as some, but still by all definitions of the word.) It had become a very welcomed phone call and very informative.

She also has a friend who had been in the same position, but has pulled himself off the streets. His heart has been burdened with ways to help the others. He is to call me today after church and our serving of a hot meal under the train trestle. With requests of what they can do to help and us join together, I immediately knew God’s reason for the phone call and bringing them into my life. Since this past week the Homeless have waited for me to leave before they come out for food, and they still seem a little untrusting, I needed help. I had actually considered asking Kevin (aka The Homeless Guy) to come here by our expense and go with me down to the train tracks and help me to connect with the Homeless. But now, as I was talking to Wanda, I knew her friend Andre would be a mentor in this equation. Wanda and I discussed it and she understood my request.

Hopefully, if Andre can go and because he and Wanda know all these people by living and surviving with them, they will see that I am not a vice-cop, I am sincere in my efforts and concern for them. I will know more later this afternoon.


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