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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Since I have mentioned in earlier logs the word ministry, I thought it would be good to define it, just to clarify and make sure we are all on the same wave-length.

The Webster Dictionary:
min·is·try Pronunciation: 'mi-n&-strE Function: noun: a person or thing through which something is accomplished

Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology Ministry: It is reasonably clear in Scripture that (1) ministry means the service of God and his creatures; (2) the one essential ministry is that of Jesus Christ.

Now that we have defined the word ministry, I would like to clarify to people this: I am not part of an agency or non-profit group. I do not go out to meet with the Homeless each day as a representative or minister of any church. Nor, as of right now, am I planning on becoming a non-profit organization. Is what I do a ministry, yes and no. By Webster’s and Baker’s definition it is a ministry. By most religious standards it is a ministry. By government standards, no I don’t want it to be, until possibly further down the road and with more help and backing. The reason for this last statement is that I want my main focus to be on the Homeless and helping them. Not having to sit inside and do paperwork all day and when I call a group, church, or organization up for advice, donations or help that I can say “Oh yes, my Mission Statement, I will fax it right now to you.” If I must have a ‘Mission Statement”, it is this: I want to help the Homeless in our area with the everyday needs that we take for granted. I want to show them hope and kindness and respect that many of us forget they deserve and need. I want to show them they do matter to somebody. And that no matter how they were in their past or how they are now, that doesn’t have to be their future. If I can reach just one person in their circle then I consider my efforts a success.

So, now that you have read my ‘Mission Statement’ you understand I do this because I want to, because I love them as God meant for us to love each other and because I care.

Does it discourage me to be asked for my ‘Mission Statement’, Fed. ID #, or Non-Profit #? No, it saddens me and reminds me why the Homeless in many ways are still Homeless; why the rich get richer and the poor get put on the streets!


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