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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Why do I ask that? Because I had hoped in a town that refuses to see or admit they have a Homeless Community, I could start small and walk them through to bigger and better ways to help. Yes, the milk jugs are my basic request to those in our area. It allows me to carry several gallons of drink and water, in which I can leave overnight so they have something fresh and clean to drink. Now when I go around and talk to people about the Homeless, those who show the tiniest bit of interest, I tell them if all they could or would do is save their empty milk jugs it would be appreciated. I have even offered to go around and collect them (daily, weekly or whatever.) Even the churches, when I call upon them, because I know so many don't want to help, I ask if they could request their congregation to save their empty milk jugs. Here again, I can come to the church and pick them up, weekly, daily or whenever.

OK, so how hard is that? Since you are reading this, can you understand what I asked? Got a little test for ya: 1) what would I like you to save? 2) why do I want them? 3) how and when can I get them, if you do save them? Wow, you answered all of them correct! You are a genius comparatively.

Here is what I get when I ask people and CHURCHES (how scary)! We don't have a lot of room to store things like that and I don't know if we have the time to drop them off to you (or any other donations!) Or could you use the half-gallon size or must it be a full gallon? And why again do you need to leave drink overnight (Oh wow I guess this person doesn't get thirsty in the night and go to the kitchen for some water.) Here is my favorite of all, now keep in mind most people either throw these jugs out or they recycle! I'M SORRY, BUT BEFORE WE COULD MAKE ANY ANNOUNCEMENT TO OUR CONGREGATION, YOU NEED TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL ABOUT YOUR MINISTRY AND OUR BOARD OF ELDERS WILL NEED TO VOTE ON IT. BY THE WAY, WHEN ARE YOU THINKING OF COMING TO OUR CHURCH OR BEING A MEMBER? Oh this makes me want to scream yell and question what is wrong with these people?

Gee, did I have to submit my mission statement to Jesus before I took food down to his lost sheep? Did Jesus and God have to have a meeting to see if they wanted any participation? Wake up people! Here is a bit of advice. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HELP, ON YOUR OWN OR AS A CHURCH, THEN JUST SAY SO! DON'T GIVE STUPID ANSWERS THAT BASICALLY SAYS BY THE TIME I FINISH DOING THE PROPOSAL AND YOU VOTE ON IT MAYBE THE HOMELESS PEOPLE WILL BE GONE OR HEY HAVE HOUSES! By giving me the run around and wasting my time on the phone, you are keeping me from others who might want to help and it makes you a hypocrite! And actually you are the people that have help to support this problem of Homelessness. Do you think it is honestly all their fault? No society also helps to hold them down. And if this is how your church is, any one of you who have given me such a ridiculous answer, then I await the Rapture when I no longer have to be around people like you! Hiding behind the title Christian, and you did your good deed when you gave a bum some change. No, don't give money, all you do is support drug dealers and bars! Give EMPTY MILK JUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean come on, truly most people just throw them away and you are saying your board has to vote on it? I am asking for your trash and a church board isn't sure if they can let me have it. Fine from now on, since nobody will save them, I am going to go around on recycle day and take them from your bin. Sorry, trash once it is out in front by the road, is public for anyone to take.

Oh and by the way, the next time a church asks me about joining yet you couldn't save your milk jugs, I will have to have a board meeting with Jesus and God, but I think the vote will be against you. You might want to check with Satan. He would be willing to join where selfishness and pride meet!


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