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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

As of today, Wednesday, "E" still has not been able to find a solution to keep her and her 3 kids from becoming Homeless. Yesterday I spent the majority of my time calling different social service agencies, churches, owners of homes that are no longer used by anyone that just sit around collecting overgrown brush, housing projects and mobile homes for rent. NOTHING! It is a catch-22 for her. She has been told she makes too much money for any government help (she earns $10 and hour before taxes) yet people forget that has to cover 4 people. She went to the Homeless Housing Program office and found that her credit was too bad to get help with rent or deposit for a place. Now somebody please explain that one. This is a program for housing for the 'Homeless' (over on Old Towne Rd) and part of their criteria is 'good credit'? When has a Homeless person had good credit? If they had that, they could get a loan for a small house and not be Homeless? My husband and I are not Homeless, but I bet our credit wouldn't be good enough for their help either. Is this just another way to deter people from getting off the streets? Who is this they are able to help?
As of today, "E" et al will be Homeless and Hotel-Less. The only solution we have been able to come up with is to allow her to use our spare bedroom for a week or so without rent so she can save up some more money and pray somebody will open up a rental to her. In the meantime, we keep our phones busy with calls to rental classified ads and housing projects in hope that something does become available. This is just another way that shows Williamsburg needs a housing shelter. If anyone who reads this has a place or knows of a place, please email me at helpthehomeless@cox.net!


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