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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Wanda contacted me early this morning in fear she 'might have done something wrong'. She informed me that she had given my phone number out to somebody who is close to becoming Homeless. Of course this isn't wrong, this is why I have a cell phone, this is why I am doing what I hope I am doing and that is what I am here for. Although I knew it would make me a little behind in my drive to the tracks, I awaited "E"'s call. The only bit of info Wanda could give me is that "E" lives in a hotel room with her son, who is still in school. She does have a job, but has not been able to save up money for an apartment or place to live of 'her own'. Because we are getting ready to go into 'tourist season' in Williamsburg, the people at the hotel have informed her the rates will soon be going up. Hey I know that feeling, because when Geoff and I would come up to find a house to rent, in one days time the rates went from $30 a night to almost $75! "E" is wanting to find a better paying job so she can put more aside, but because she doesn't have an address, how can she do a resume?
Before "E" called, I contacted Com. Repass at the local Salvation Army to find out about the apartments they have sometimes available for situations like this. He told me "E" would need to contact Dawn Coles at the S.A. office and hopefully something can be arranged. Shortly after I hung up, "E" called. At this point I had nothing to offer her in regards to a place (and this will be a problem until we can get a shelter) except for Dawn's phone number. But, then I recalled back down in SC when I worked with the Homeless that I allowed them to use my home address so those who wanted to work, could put it down on their work profile and weekly they collected their paychecks from my place. So then why couldn't she use our address for her resume? I made her that offer along with my cell number so I can play secretary for her while she is at work. She gladly took me up on it. I had to hurry and she understood, knowing we will talk again soon.
But this brings me back to my long term goals: build/rent a place for a shelter and get a job-networking for those who are wanting to better themselves and get to where they need to be for survival or improvement. Somebody questioned me today if all I wanted to do was feed the Homeless, why do I need help? Just do it. That isn't what this is all about. Daily yes, they need food & drink. But long term I hope we can all pull together for a shelter that provides a place to sleep, food, clothing, laundry area, counseling of some sort or step program if they want it, job network...almost like a 'boarding school' for the Homeless. Now, keep in mind this isn't for permanent residency, but until they can get back on track and when they are ready to, help them move into their own place and help to make the transition a stable one and try to keep touch with them for a year to help them with their progress (almost like the adoption process and a Homestudy.) Believe it or not, but some of them do want to better their lives, but need some help, guidance and fellowship along the way. We want to be there in case they need us.
By the way, I will find out what type of job "E" is looking for and if anyone has a job or knows of one, please contact me!


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