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Monday, March 17, 2003

Yesterday was a dreary, rainy day. As Geoff, the boys and I rushed to leave for church, I grabbed my umbrella. We had to take separate cars since we were going down to the tracks afterwards and I have most of the supplies in my car, but this gave me time to think. I thought back to when I grabbed the umbrella and the feeling that overcame me at the moment I had the handle in my hand. I thought about where people go when they have nowhere to go, when it is raining? And how I didn't need the umbrella if I am going down to the tracks humbled in my efforts. I don't like to make anyone feel I have something they don't, let alone show them; and this includes the Homeless.
Church service was on the purposes we have to building a better foundation and serving God and preparing for Eternity. How we need to use our time, body/talents, and money/treasures to pave our way to God's Kingdom. My mind kept drifting back to these as the fill-in minister kept moving forward in his notes for the service.
Time, was I really using my time wisely in my daily life? That is so hard to decide. As this has progressed daily, I am on the phone more, making contacts and talking with groups who want to end Homelessness. I still get my devotionals in, but the time isn't as long as it use to be, but I do try to make it coincide with the day's goals. Now that I am only going to one area for feedings, it takes less time to give to them and more time for me to get supplies or drive around and look for the rest who need or want some help. But, by the time I come home and work on this blogsite, I am ready for sleep by 8:00 PM. I think how wonderful it will be when I have some physical help with this! Then I am slapped in the face with 2 realities: since the trust issue is still a problem, to bring somebody else in right now could destroy everything that has been accomplished so far (this has been pointed out to me by several; 3 of them have been Homeless) and no matter how tired and sore I am, God will still provide me with the strength to carry on. Although it would be nice if He could add 2 more hours to the 24....maybe then I might feel rested. But, maybe God wants me to feel this way; maybe to help those, I need to know how they feel. How can you be rested when you sleep in the streets, on a broken down porch, in an abandoned car, on top of cement/metal rafters under an overpass or in the woods? A lot worse than I feel right now. Thank you God for showing me the pain.
My talents? I feel I need to take out a Lost/Found Ad on this one..."If anyone has found the talents that belong to Patti, could you please send them C.O.D...." I have so many ideas, drives (on the street they are the food drives, clothing drives, money drives...) goals, things I want to say etc, etc, etc. I feel like the 'jack of all trades' yet my 'Master' has one.
Money and treasures well this I know I give as much as I can. I wish I could give more, but even as the minister explained yesterday, your responsibility to God is to also make sure bills are paid, food for your family is provided and your money is spent wisely. But, I am in the process of setting up a savings account for the money donations that have been made so far. And, I am working on a donations button for this web page, so anyone who wants to donate toward the needs of the Homeless can do so. Maybe then one day, if nobody donates a building for us to use as a shelter, we can save up enough to buy a building.


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