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Monday, March 17, 2003

Today was the first day I actually got to go down “on location” with Patti. I waited patiently in the car while she delivered the food and rousted “R”. After awhile, she came and called me letting me know that I had permission to come down. (I wouldn’t walk into your house without permission either.)
It was good to finally meet “R” after all I had heard about him. He has a sweet look to his face and immensely strong hands. His hugs, however, were tender. I felt on meeting him that I had found a man I could trust. Also there was Andre. He is a former homeless man. I guess Patti wrote about how he got off the street and started a “soup kitchen” in Newport News.
We talked for awhile about this and that, but when a cop car drove past, “R” took off like a shot. (It seems a shame to me that “the authorities” have the reputation of being cruel and heartless. These people are human, too.) While “R” was gone, Andre and I traded stories of how we got where we are. I relayed the stories of how my father used to work with rescue missions, so I come by this work naturally. I also let him know that there were times before Patti and I married that I slept in my truck and washed up in gas station bathrooms. I know what it is to be in a different house every night of the week. Been there, done that. (The blessing for me is that there is hope. )
After awhile “R” regained his courage and came and joined us. Andre and he shared stories about various people that they both know/knew. We found out about various prominent people in the community who used to be bad off , too. These people about whom they spoke haven risen up out of the gutter and “done something“ with themselves. (Again, I say, these homeless people are humans, too. All they need is a hand up and the hope to believe they can make it.)
Hope is nowhere to be found down there. When we went to leave, Andre asked for us to pray together. “R” demurred, even though he was raised in a Christian family. He has no hope that God even cares anymore. Sad! But I’ve been that despondent, too.
Before I close, let me tell you about the situation there: We’ve all seen what a yard looks like when the Sheriff comes and evicts a family and throws their belongings in the yard. Now add six months worth of rain and dirt onto the belongings and you just begin to understand how rough shape the things are that they hold dear. People, where are our hearts!? How can we turn our heads and pretend they don’t exist or just give them a one-way ticket out of town? Good night!


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