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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Last Word Entries

Thank God for the Freedom of Speech! It delights me when I see comments in the paper such as the one denegrating Patti McKenzie's efforts for her ignoring zoning regulations. First of all it reminds me of how uneducated people are concerning government: zoning regulations and restrictions are not laws. If they were, we would have to have referrenda or a senate to change them rather than poorly attended zoning hearings run by local yokels with private agendae.
Further, it points out how cold-hearted people would rather talk about rules than about the needs of our fellow human-beings. I, personally, have been a resident at Patti's house and have experienced the love and self-sacrifice that she offers. I have also seen how strict her rules were (no drugs, no alcohol, curfews, church attendance, etc.) and know that only people who really want to move on in life would stay there. It wasn't "The Ritz", but it sure as h**l beat living in the woods or in motels at $800/month. Besides nobody asked us what we thought.


It is sad when we as a community would rather point out the laws that were broken by Patti McKenzie than to see the good she did for us. Though we lived at her home, there were many people in the community that cared and supported her ministry by bringing clothes and food. When will the counties allow a shelter here. One that is truly needed. It is the counties that made her be underground, yet it was the same people who refered us to her.


If people would get to know the homeless that stayed with Patti and Geoff, they would see that we are just like them: a person who needs somebody to care about our well-being, a person who wants to be loved, a person who has feelings. We aren't scary and homelessness isn't contagious. The only difference is that we don't have a place to live.


I'm sorry for the McKenzies. Why are people so mean when those who are nice want to find a home for those in need? To the landlord who eveicted them, think of yourself on a street, in the rain, on a cold winter night. I know you wouldn't like it.


I read with interest how York is cracking down on crime of homelessness. Let's use the law to punish those who cannot afford the $3000,000 average cost for a home. They bring down home values and that just not right. If the county wants to rely on code to force these people out, it's attorneys need to do better than pointing to laws prohibiting 5 or more unrelated people from inhabiting one residence. Creationists believe we are all related, dating back to Adam and Eve. Science also points back to common ancestry. If we are all related then this law is moot.


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