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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Help available for homeless
Published December 22, 2004

To those of you who bemoan the “tragedies imposed upon the McKenzies and the homeless,” listen to someone who is concerned.

They have been carrying out their ministry in direct violation of zoning regulations, in spite of county officials' repeated warning, and against lease agreements and the landlord's directives.

I am embarrassed by those who talk of a need for the homeless that has yet to be shown as a true need, and especially whether the McKenzie approach to the problem is the right thing to do. Officials have told us that adequate provisions exist in our area for the homeless if they care to use these facilities.

I work with the homeless and I care about their plight, and I do not trust some out-of-towners coming here and telling me how things should be done. Moreover, if you truly care about the homeless, then do something yourself.

For instance, bring them into your church family and have a church-sponsored program where you invite the homeless in manageable units into your own homes (after they and you are officially screened). If you get enough people involved in this, churches could come together and take care of the homeless problem.

Share your excess food with the homeless, and then walk the malls or the dog with them. They are very lonely and need some quality interaction in their lives.

Why don't the McKenzies volunteer with, support, and help expand the existing homeless programs, making a positive name for themselves, instead of getting kicked out of homes?

What do you know about the needs of the homeless, and why are you so quick to trust your money and our homeless citizens to some out-of-towners? Please think this through.

The McKenzies have given much time and money to the homeless. For what reason and at what cost? Is anyone else keeping up with how much money is coming in, how it is spent, and how the homeless are really being cared for? Do the McKenzies have any training or credentials or referrals from legitimate agencies?

You have no reason to rally behind them. Rather, if the need is real, then you have a far more personal obligation than to throw your potential blessing to strangers.

Michael Seltzer

James City


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