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"Assisting people in re-gaining hope and a better way of life."

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Thank you to everyone who made Thanksgiving a special day for our friends who are homeless, especially Williamsburg United Methodist Church. To everyone who has been supportive during the past couple of years, we have greatly appreciated you. Bless you who have called, even if we didn't know you, during the hardship in the past week. But even still, I want the community to know our move, although it came as a shock, is just another opportunity for better things to come in Williamsburg. Those who kindly called to offer my husband and me a room in your home as long as it was needed, your kindness will not be forgotten. Fortunately, we have decided we must remain connected with our homeless 'family' members. So many of them have worked hard to get their life back on track and the events of the past week has become detrimental to a few. They can not afford a backslide when so many were ready for a place of their own. They want us with them and we feel we need to be available for them at this time. Sadly, a few 'bad apples' have stereotyped people who are deemed homeless; what many of the people in the community didn't get to experience as we did, is that even the 'bad apples' are worthy of compassion and love.

You may not understand our decision or agree with it. Maybe it seems odd that we would rather give up our home to live amongst the homeless, but to us it is a blessing. Too many of us take for granted the little joys in life because we have become too busy. This is our chance to see life through their eyes. This doesn't mean we are giving up. If anything, we plan to move forward faster and harder than we have in the past two years. I look forward to spending many years to come here in Williamsburg. So much awareness has taken place and many people throughout the community have now joined in to assist.

To those that we have had the pleasure in serving during our food ministry, thank you! The friends we have made have been a great joy. We will notify each of you when we are able to assist once again, even if we have to personally deliver to you.

To the detractors who are against our efforts (although you deny it is a ministry,) I keep you in my prayers and give thanks for your efforts. You have made the awareness stronger by your writings into the Last Word. Keep up the good work!

To the many agencies and churches who referred people to our home, please don't stop. We will continue in assisting as much as we are able. If in a time of need, we will always be available.

Paul, I will always be indebted to you for showing me the true definition of unconditional love. In writing the article "Homeless Defy Easy Solutions", you planted the seed that has brought hope to those who felt hopeless.

W&M students, especially Hadyn and John, yall are awesome!

Recently, a student at W&M stated in the Dog Street Journal
"Patti spends herself to the point of poverty..." and questioned "Why would any sane person spend themselves to the point of poverty to help bring hope to strangers?"
That is a legitimate question and my answer is this: it is my way to pay back for what my adopted father did for me and how can I appreciate his generosity, if I didn't use it to help others? But also, what better way to tithe to God than to help those in need, the people Jesus was sent to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually?

If you think it is unusual to see life this way, then ask Sister Bernice how she feels each night when she goes to sleep. And remember, there are no U-Hauls following the hearse.


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