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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Shelter:We have taken the word shelter and turned it into something to be looked down upon.
When emergencies occur, everyone runs to a shelter to weather out the storm. What is a shelter, really? A roof over your head. It could as easily be a tent, a lean-to, or a gymnasium as a house.

When "they" talk about cleaning up the community, "they" are talking about getting rid of people; not cleaning up trash or debris; but moving the homeless and hopeless away so that they are out of sight and out of mind.

Society has taken the human out of human-being. We all have been lost a time or two and needed help finding our way. Are you too good of a man that you can't get your hands dirty? Our founding fathers were homeless when they arrived here. They had to build their own homes from what was at hand. But where did they sleep until the houses were done? On the boat the came in. A make-shift shelter.

Have we come so far and advanced this much to be so ignorant? More of the youth in America fight for what is right in this country than anyone else. Do you think this problem will fix itself? Are you afraid to be the only one fighting for what is right? I know that it is scary to be the only one asking a question. But if you don't ask it, how will you know the answer? Stop playing it safe and trying to stay acceptable in the eyes of your communities. "What will the neighbors think?" Who cares?

If you would take a walk with Patti McKenzie, you could meet your "other neighbors." They live in their cars, behind grocery stores, under bridges. For the most part, they stay out of sight. But, at least in Williamsburg, their mostly right decent folk.

Brian Vincent


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