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Friday, October 29, 2004

Back From Indiana

This past Monday, my sister and I were in the process of leaving Cincy to head to her home in Indiana until we found out it was .50 day at the store we had shopped at during the weekend. Well, we couldn't pass that up! We were ready to rush over when we noticed the glueboard had been turned over in her car. Yup, the mouse had been caught! So she removed the mouse and off we dashed. Basically, I just went down the men's aisle pulling yellow tagged items of all sizes for the homeless here. 3 hours later, I had another buggy and $40.00 worth of clothing to pack for the trip home.

Tuesday I prepared one of my suitcases and then we headed over to my nieces house to spend some time together. By the time Wednesday rolled around, I had to finish packing and get some boxes to ship the rest of the clothes home (since I bought more than I could take on the plane.) The rest of the day was relaxing before we headed for the airport. Boy was that an experience. I had a carry-on bag that was bulging, 3 coats to wear home for people and a shopping bag full. The security check point workers were raising eyebrows and laughing as I made my way through. But hey, what's a few gigles for all the clothes God provided for the homeless?


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