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Monday, October 04, 2004

More Updates

More than likely, I am cancelling the 'guestbook' and 'comment' section of the weblog. It takes up extra space and nobody uses it anyways. So why ask for people's opinion, when technically they don't offer them.

Oct. 21-27th I am going out of town for a 'break' from work.

Oct. 29th I will be in studio to edit the documentary.

Nov. 11-14th is W&M's Hunger/Homeless Awareness Week (and the big debut of the documentary...watch out Williamsburg!)

Nov. 20th is W&M's walk-a-thon for the homeless

Nov. 23rd we begin our 2nd annual Adopt-A-Homeless for Christmas program

Nov. 25 is our Homeless Thanksgiving

Dec. 23rd is our Christmas party/dinner


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