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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Last week I tried on several occassions to blog, but I was in bed sick with 'fluish' symptoms. So I'm sorry things have been a little behind. Last Thursday was an AWESOME food ministry day! We had 65 families (which was about 275 people in all), gave out about 4000 lbs of food and 40 Bibles. God was great (but I was a little nervous since it was a big increase in just 6 weeks.)

Friday night was movie night. We showed Left Behind I and II back to back. Saturday we took 15 'friends' to Busch Gardens for the day. God sent an angel to us who gave us 67 free tickets for Busch Gardens. We felt so blessed that we shared many tickets with churches that had members who typically wouldn't have the opportunity to go due to the expense and also gave tickets to families in the weekly motels. It was such a blast and a well needed break for us. We have lived here almost 2 years (as of this Friday) and could never afford to go to the well known theme park. Although I don't do rides, I did frightfully enjoy the Hallow-Scream activities. Also, it gave me a chance to start on my documentary I am doing, "The Homeless In Williamsburg:Walk A Mile In Their Shoes." We have a couple of leds on people who may help me edit and mass produce it.

The documentary will be shown at W&M during their Homeless and Hunger Awareness week this November. So far I have 4 people who are homeless that have agreed to be interviewed, 2 service providers and 2 people with big hearts for the homeless. Basically, other than the interviews, I am planning on showing aspects of Williamsburg that everyone sees such as CW area, the theme parks and the shopping and then go into what most don't see: the woods and other areas where the homeless sleep. These areas are known around here by many, but rarely visited. We will be selling the videos for $5.00 to help raise money for the benefit of the homeless.

We had a great blessing today at the Foodbank when we went to get food for our ministry tomorrow! Rarely do they have a lot of leftover fresh bread by the time we arrive. But, today there was a lot! They said we could take as much as we wanted so we got 145 English Muffin packages, 132 Bagel packages and 169 loaves of bread. Then one of the workers said "Patti, I have a bargain for you! Follow me." I'm thinking "Ya right" but I went to see. He pointed to 4 pallets of sodas "They are all yours for free, but you have to take them now." WOW, we started loading the truck. Basically it was over 800 cans. THANK YOU GOD! I was a little concern yesterday and prayed that God would find a way to save us money, yet still be able to provide for the food ministry. And today we were given a $175 at least of free products (which in the grocery store would be about $700 - 1000 dollars.)

I'm excited to see what AWESOME things God does tomorrow!


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