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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

a letter given to me from a lady and her fiance' that has become our friends ( I did not edit it for she wanted it to be hers)

My Name Is Theresa and I Am Homeless

My name is Theresa and my fiance' and I am homeless. No we are not from this area, but came down from New Jersey, thinking it would be less expensive to live here and get a job for a short while so we could make it back to Florida where our relatives live. We stayed at a couple of shelters in NN, but couldn't get work due to not having ID's. So we wer told to come to Williamsburg, since there is more work here available. WE WALKED the whole way with no money, nor food. When we first arrived, we slept behind out on the streets for a short time until we were told to move. Unfortunately, we found out there are no shelters here. In the rain, we slept out behind buildins and looked for jobs in the daytime. Anything that could get us some money for food and maybe a bus ticket or hotel room for the night.

We callled Red Cross and they said to call United Way. We called United Way and they said to call Salvation Army. We couldn't get a room, food nor a bus ticket and were told by them "Go back to where you came from, there are no shelters here or help we can give you!" Alone, tired and hungry, we met a man at Food Lion who said "I know this lady who can help you. Call Patti." and gave us her phone number. We called her and without question, she sent a car for us so we could shower, eat and rest as she search for people to help us with bus tickets to get to Florida, where our family is.

Neither of us drink, do drugs or steal from anyone, as a matter of fact, we are both Christian. We have just been down on our luck and was willing to work for any help we could get.

There may not be a shelter here in Williamsburg, but there is an angel that God sent to this area (read her testimony, I did.) We just want to thank God for the man who told us about her, God for her being here and Patti for taking us in to give us a night of rest, a shower, food, a friend and the bus tickets God provided.

If you ever want to know how much she helps (mostly on her own,) to provide (although I found out fast it was her money she used with subsidies from churches,) go visit one day and see how many times the phone rings or how long she spends with a person just needing a friend or the great food they give or the wonderful times with God she shares with people and you will learn quickly to love her as a person of God. If you doubt her, spend a day with her. If you are aginst her efforts, sit down with her (and she will feed you.) If you want to help, call her. If you don't believe in angels, then you don't know what God sent to Williamsburg!


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