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Saturday, September 11, 2004

It's A God Thing

Tuesday night I was talking with one of our homeless friends about his life. He's been frustrated with living in the woods or in motels and just wants a small apartment. His frustration has turned into anger because he has the money for a place (actually a lot saved up from his Disability Checks) yet he couldn't find anywhere that would accept him due to poor credit. He didn't want anything fancy, not a lot of 'stuff' piled into his place and not around a lot of people (like a big apartment complex.) I agreed that he didn't need a lot of 'stuff' weighing him down at the moment. Instead of dishes, paper plates and cup; instead of a major vacuum system a broom and so forth. Just the basics to start off with. He needed to adjust to having a place after so many years. After our talk, he grabbed a bite to eat and made his way back to where he sleeps.

The next morning Geoff said "Hey there is a place in the paper that is perfect for him!" So I called and it was still available. After explaining the situation to the person renting the efficiency, our friend showed up to do some work so I gave him the phone to speak with his future landlord. An appointment was set to look at it an hour later. Shortly after hanging up the phone, the phone rang again. It was our friend's Mom to tell us about the same place. "Sorry it is already taken because we saw the ad as well and called. Your son has agreed to meet the lady and sign a lease." We both agreed this was God working in her son's life.

Once the lease was signed and payments made, we found a sleeper couch for him and gave him a nice new hanging clock we had. Geoff and him went to pick up all his important 'stuff' (that he calls his homeless box), his microwave and TV from his parents and mstarted to move in to his new home.

Yes, God is Awesome and this was truly a God thing!


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