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Thursday, September 23, 2004

OK So The Homeless Are Ungrateful, but...

I figured this headline would get you're attention. So now that I have it, I want to expand on what I wanted to say. Most people feel the homeless (sometimes myself included) are ungrateful, selfish, users (in many ways), self-centered, ungodly, poor, rebellious, angered, resentful, uneducated, drunks, addicts, and out-right not worth the effort! But, I wonder, aren't we all like that at times? Many times we can be worse. But, shouldn't there be hope for all of us? Not just those who can afford to live, but those who are living and trying to afford life? Think about it?! What decides the difference between those who have homes and those whom don't? Is it a house? Definately not! A house is not a home until your heart is there, so I will ask this
"Where is your heart?"


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