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Saturday, September 11, 2004

A Letter I Received


I just felt a need to take a moment to Thank You for the love and care you are showing to the community.

My name is Tammie and I am a single mother of 3, struggling to make ends meat while I further my education.

This is my final year in school and well I am so happy that there are people such as you that are so willing to understand that everyone needs a hand from time to time.

There are times such as Birthdays and Holidays where I get so very sad that I can not do for children, what other parents are able to.

My daughter's 5th birthday is in September and I have no extra money for a gift for her. So I prayed and the Lord told me to set aside my grocery money for her gift and He will make sure we are fed.

Then I received your flyer and not only food was provided, but hair cuts as well. He is AWESOME!

So in return I am offerringmy services to anyone with whom you work with in need for tutoring for their GED. To me, my offer is minute in comparision to the wonderful heartfelt work you do.

Once again, Thank You!


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