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Sunday, October 24, 2004


Wow, I hadn't even realized it has been so long since I last blogged! This is because my main system crashed (for the last time). In the meantime, I needed a break so I decided to go see my sister in Indiana for a week. I flew out on the 21st and will be coming back the 27th. It feels really strange to be away. Actually, during my lay-over in Charlotte, I almost turned around to fly back home. I didn't realize how much I would miss Virginia and my homeless friends (I knew I would miss Geoff).

The first day at my sisters was very hard. I was tired (my flight left out at 5:40 am), I was sick (I hardly have a voice), I was homesick and unknowing of what to do with my time. What does a person do when they are use to answering the phone all day and night long, cooking for people, listening to problems and then goes on vaca to nothing? I know...RELAX, but it took a couple of days for that. So I slept. My niece came by that afternoon with her 2 babies (my grand-nephews) and that was cool. I never realized how small babies are when first born (Marshall is 6 weeks old). Michael is 20 months old and a hand-full but sweet and cute. Later we went to eat.

Friday we had to go pick my sister's pay-check up and then went out to eat then it was back to her house for movies. Finally, another chance to relax. Saturday we took off for Cincy Ohio. The main reason for our trip there was to go shopping at this great outlet store. Basically, everything is new and super cheap! On our way over to Cincy, my sister screamed "Did you see that?!" She freaked and I saw nothing. Shortly after, she told me she saw a mouse. Somehow a mouse got in her car and kept peeking out of her door panel at her. We had to pull over (to keep from wrecking) and took the door panel off to shoo the mouse out (yes, even try to smoke him out). Then I did see him. We thought he was gone so we started back on our journey an hour+ behind schedule. We stopped at her boyfriend's house and then off we went to the outlet. Although I needed some clothes, since I have either given most away or outgrew them, I kept thinking of Smitty, who is a 2x and has nothing. So I spent the first couple of hours looking for a coat and some sweaters for him. I had some success in finding a few 2x winter pieces: a heavy winter coat for $6.50, 2 sweaters for $1.50 each, a hoodie for $2.50 and a sweater vest for .90 and it was half off. I also bought a jacket for another Wsmburg Mike who is a size 1x and Geoff a couple of sweaters that were only $1.50 (Ralph Lauren none the less). Then it was time to shop for myself. That felt weird as well. I'm not use to buying myself anything lately or using the majority of my money for me. But, I succeeded in that challenge and bought 7 garbage bags full for about $100.

Today we went to Cincy's flea market. I wasn't looking for much, but it was hard not to find something! I bought 4 stuffed animals for my four-legged babies at home. Then I saw these gloves called "magic gloves" and bought 7 pairs (only $5.00) for my homeless friends. They are called magic cuz they stretch to any size hand without ripping. Then I saw a cute teddy bear for .50 for Devon. When you squeeze it's paw it says "I love you". After 6 hours walking around, we went to eat and then back to the house for movies. Tomorrow we leave to go back to Indiana. Tuesday we are going to spend the day at my niece's house. Wednesday I leave, which is good cuz I only have $10 left.

So Thursday I should be back on schedule of blogging. Until then I will try to RELAX!


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