Williamsburg's Homeless & Indigent

P.O. Box 366, Lightfoot, VA 23090
Office: 757-561-3255
"Assisting people in re-gaining hope and a better way of life."

Friday, April 25, 2003

I haven't had much opportunity to blog in the past couple of days. Unfortunately, the homeless night has been cancelled. The guys informed me that others have moved down under the bridge. They don't feel safe staying under there and recommended us not to do it now "If we don't feel safe and we are use to sleeping under there, we don't want you to take the risk." Some of the guys have made enough money through work to get a 'weekly hotel' room on their own or together. Others have been staying with 'friends' that have mobile homes. We have actually moved our meeting spot now for food drop-off and supplies.

With the pollen season being so bad, one of the guys needs to see a doctor. His asthma is growing worse and he has had a hard time breathing. Just another complication of living on the streets.

In regards to our Non-Profit paperwork, our board members are almost complete in being established, our mission statement is written and our name will be "WHI"= Williamsburg's Homeless & Indigent. So things are moving along.


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