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Monday, April 21, 2003

I had an enjoyable and productive conversation last night with on of my neighbors. Although I don't know everyone in our neighborhood, I have always seen this one neighbor as a nice, understanding person. I had planned on doing postcards to mail out in regards to our neighborhood meeting, but last night I thought it would be easier to just call around to inform what time our meeting is scheduled for. Unfortunately, I didn't get too far because my conversation with the first neighbor was lengthy, but as I said, it was productive.

I know the neighbors have been upset in regards to the homeless and people working here. Then I was under the impression some were also upset with the fact we have a couple of blacks who have, on a weekly basis, been doing work here. The nighbor was kind enough to explain and allieviate my fears that is it not an issue of race, but the privacy aspect of people who live on our road.

We do and have always screened the people we have working for us. Sometimes it is through the local police such as the case in SC, other times with Salvation Army from which we have hired some people (ok, thsi I need to clarify. In SC we hired 3 people from the SA shelter where they lived. The shelter itself had screened the people in order for them to live there. They also talked with me about the rules and regulations they have for the people living there and how they came to be there.) or at times with references they supply. I wouldn't want to put anyone in a harmful situation; not myself nor any neighbors. I did explain to her that even with all the construction going on here on our road, there have been times I hadn't felt so secure. Which she understood.

Although we only rent our house and we don't have a property investment, we do care about it and it's upkeep. It was the same for our house we rented down south. Because we couldn't get our landlord to ever fix anything at the property he maintained for an individual, we ended up having to fix most of the problems and the outside of the property. Luckily here, our landlords are very nice and if we do run into problems at the house, they have them repaired immediately. But, just because we rent, it doesn't mean we don't care about the property or our neighbors' property.

But, as I said, overall it was just as productive to have neighbors allieviate my fears as well as I to allieviate theirs.


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