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Thursday, April 17, 2003

"A Box Of Crayons"

How many different colors make up a box of crayons? Depending on the time period you were raised in, it varies: 16, 32, 64, 96, 128 and so on. But I have never seen a box of crayons made up of black and white! Have you? So why does our society have to feel people are that way? Although it is obvious that many different 'colors' make up our world, my husband nor myself view people on that level. We don't decide who we are friends with based on race, gender, origin, or nationality; we are friends with people that we share common bonds and interest with. We have several friends that are Hispanic, Italian, Asian, Black and White. Some people who work with us in our ministry are even examples of this. Our common bond being the love and concern for homeless people. Many of the people who work with us monitarily are also examples of this. Down south, my husband had a crew that consited of ALL people, not just one 'race'. We don't nor will we ever base our friends or co-workers with 'rose colored glasses', but with color-blind shades. People who do not like our friends, don't have to be friends with them. People who don't like our co-workers don't have to work with or hire them. People who don't like us because of this don't have to associate with us, because we do have other friends. Our box of crayons is made up of many colors that God created...and by the way, we color outside of the lines also! (In other words, we don't conform because others say we have to.)


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